You won't click this, because you're ugly.

2013-01-17 22:35:25 by Bafana

Well, now that we have all the beautiful people here, lets talk LOVE!

#2 Track for my upcoming EP is done! This is the Demo of the Chill Out Mix to be released with the Club Mix that will be on the EP.

Bafana Mac Ft. Alisa Hight - All Is Love [Chilled Mix]

Lyrics written and performed by Alisa Hight (Ellebirdy23).

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Keep uptodate with its progress on my Youtube Channel or my Facebook Page.


You won't click this, because you're ugly.


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2013-01-17 23:27:13

I don't wanna be ugly, so this has my attention.

Bafana responds:

Nice work Champ. The world needs less Ugly!


2013-01-17 23:29:52

Does this apply to fat people too?

Bafana responds:

Depends which part is fat.


2013-01-17 23:35:42

I'm ugly and I clicked it. What of that, genius?

Bafana responds:

You're only lying to yourself. Take the Batman mask off.


2013-01-18 02:51:59

You where so right... i made my friend click it. F*CK THE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE!

Bafana responds:

Sudden urge to listen to Marilyn Manson...


2013-01-18 02:52:35

Also, nice track

Bafana responds:

Aslo, cheers.


2013-01-18 05:24:48

You played on my insecurities! Well done, good sir.

Bafana responds:

Thanks, it's a gift.


2013-01-29 16:52:30

i am a work in progress though i would like to think i am beautiful on the inside i foolishly belive in true love, kiss are sacred, and that love isn't just a word excanged between two people its an emotion created to disscribe how i feel towords another its a bond that i will only share with the people i truly care for. don't get me wrong i like plenty of people but to truly love you have to pretty special.;D<3


2013-02-07 03:45:07

*clicks it* >8D

Pfff I'm fabulous //Hairflips
Ahahahaha! Really clever trick! :P
Love the new track!